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An equine portrait is something that many owners have never thought about. For most people, your horse is part of the family, the four legged friend that you visit every day to tend and care for and who looks after you on a ride out. 

Photographs are intended to be your aid in remembering all the great things that happen during your lifetime and to pass on to the next generation. Families usually have artwork of their members on display your horse is no different and is another priceless long-lasting memory that you should document. 

Selfies won’t really give the same memory nudges that bigger images do as there’s a limit to what you can include.  Don’t miss out by saying “I’ll get around to it”. Most times you won’t and then it might be too late. 

Take every opportunity to get things printed. It’s great to be able to either sit and browse an album or just see the picture on the wall. No need for the internet or a device other than the mark 1 eyeball. That’s why I recommend printed photographs or products rather than digital files, which get put in a drawer and forgotten. 

My job is to create those memories for you. I love to see the look on clients faces when they see their photographs.

 I offer a great range of ways to display the work that we create for you from your mantlepiece to the wall to books. 

The portrait session gives you the opportunity to be photographed with your horse in a way that you don’t normally do on a daily basis and so I provide you with a selection of photographs that show you and your horse as a pairing that doesn’t just appear in mucking out gear. 

Show off how good you can look together.Sessions take place in an area familiar to the horse so that there are no surprises.

Whilst you’re here have a look at some of our equine photography (opens in a new browser window) EQUINE PORTFOLIO

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Maria and Dazzle at Earleswood on an equine portrait session

Being based in Birmingham I can visit you throughout most of the country.

At present with the current lockdown in place booking sessions will have to be held back until we can have more guarantees on being able to fulfil dates


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