2020 The year that didn’t quite make it.

The future is brighter , I hope

The National lockdown hit us just as my sports clients hit the peak of their seasons. The University American Football competition and the Womens American Football competition were days away from the season finale which disappeared without a wimper.

Coventry University Jets v Nottingham Gold
Coventry University Jets V Stirling Clansmen
Coventry University jets V Durham Saints
Coventry University jets V Nottingham Gold
Birmingham Lions Women V Wembley Stallions
Birmingham Lions V Nottingham Gold University game

As most yards weren’t permitting visitors the Equine Portraiture scene was unfortunately a non event this year. The wet weather. came in early and rendered the yards of those folks I was to see, a mud bath.

Ultimately it was time to make the decision to give 2020 a miss and hope that we get a better chance in 2021.

One of the ongoing training sessions planned did actually take place in Liverpool with the opportunity of some portrait work.

Omari portrait
Omari portrait
Omari portrait
Michael portrait
Michael, black and white

Back to shooting again

In December I was lucky that there were some soccer games still being played and I was lucky enough to be allowed to do some shooting at the Sands United Solihull game to try and shake off some of the rust. 

I was surprised at how I’d lost my sharpness over the lay off,

sliding challenge
Challenging for the ball
A leaping challenge for the ball

The one part of my activities that didn’t reduce in 2020 was my work for Remember My Baby. Other than the short time that we couldn’t operate I’ve been busy this year. I’ve been both shooting and looking after my group of photographers.

It’s something I wish that we would never need but being realistic that will never happen. We have, however, provided many families with long term memories.

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