The story of a photographer

In 2012 my brother and I set up What A Picture Photography as a wedding photography studio. and had a great time with it. We later added a studio to the offering but decided that it wasn't for us.

I had done some sport photography at the TT on the Isle of Man and wanted to do a bit more and was offered the chance to cover an American Football match in London. I went down to shoot the game and enjoyed it so much that I stayed with the team until Covid messed up the world as we knew it.

I no longer wanted the risk of covering weddings and moved to cover sport as a regular thing.

Shortly before taking on the sport I met some folks from Bereavement Charity Remember My Baby. I liked what that were trying to do and after a bit of prodding I joined up. It was to be one of the most rewarding things I could have chosen to do.

I have now worked with over 200 families bringing them memories of what their newborn session might have been like.

That's my short story but I'd much rather tell your story in pictures.