Autumn equine portraits

Time to catch up on recent sessions I’ve been out to.

Autumn equine portraits was the plan but the weather has not been kind to us. Probably the worst continuous rainy spell that I have known.

The local road

I went across to a private facility near Loughborough to meet Vale and her white Appaloosa Peggy for a session We hoped to get some of the autumn colours on the shots. The sun decided to come out with a vengeance today but it showed up the berries on the first shot wonderfully. We only had the narrow footpath to work with and me in the middle of the road between cars!


Autumn equine portraits, What a Picture road trip to see Vale with Peggy her white AppaloosaAutumn equine portraits,autumn colours with Vale and Peggy
Further up the road a bench had been placed set back from the road. With the sun shining on the trees it would have been rude not to take advantage of the locations to get some pictures of Vale and Peggy by the roadside.

out in the countryside near the stables in Leicestershire, equine portraiture Autumn equine portraits

The paddocks

Having the sun out on an autumn equine portraits session is a bit of a double-edged sword. It can cause harsh shadows but usually means that the backgrounds shine and a good blue sky is never a bad thing.  While we did this series of portraits you will notice Peggy’s little party piece of lifting her hoof when she wants a treat. She’s not averse to getting the odd polo from me as well.

Autumn equine portraits,autumn colours visible in the background of one of the paddocks for our sessionPeggy is always up for a treat in this Leicstershire equine portraiture session

Autumn equine portraits,Peggy has a cute way of asking for trats by lifting her right front hoof upPeggy likes to stay close to Vale"What's that noise" Peggy is looking for the noisy personPeggy leans in for a treatAutumn equine portraits,Peggy was a lovely horse to work with.

How do I get my own equine portrait session?

Head on over to the website     Have a look around and get in touch through the contact form on the page. There are some suggested package options there but I can work out various options of wall art books or desktop frames for you. Printed images are the cornerstone of the business as they last for a lifetime. The basic session fee includes a framed image.

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