2022 competition day 2

Unfortunately Wembley Stallions weren't able to make this tournament which left us with a two game day.

Game one was between Kent Exiles and London Warriors. It was unusual not to see the Warriors in their regular all black uniforms. They took control from the start and despite a spirited performance from the Exiles time won 67-0

Kent Exiles no 20 has the Warriors all purpose back no 16 rapidly approaching for the tackle
Kent No 34 attempts to break free of the Warriors defender
The Exiles back avoids the tackle
The Warriors no 16 makes a break for the end zone
Warriors no 16 manages to stay in bounds
Exiles no 26 faces 2 Warriors players moving in for the tackle
Exiles no 15 breaks away from the Warriors pack
Exiles no 34 makes the tackle

Game 2 Birmingham Lions V Kent Exiles

Birmingham were facing a very limited Kent Exiles team in this second game.

Afia Law and Sophia Klair set about the Kent defence with gusto. A couple of injuries coming together put the Exiles into a position where they could not continue to play.

The final score was 49-0 to the Lions

Kent no 45 tackles Lions no 33 Afias Law
Kent 56 makes the tackle on Lions Quarterback no 18 Natalie Parker
Kent No 15 tackled by Lions no 78 Libby Davoren
Lions No 33 Afia Law runs in for the touchdown
Lions No 16 Kryzia Szybut and Kent No 10 going for the ball in the air
Afia Law congratulates Sophia Klair after her touchdown
Lions quarterback no 18 Natalie Parker runs with No 15 Sofia Klair blocking for her
Lions no 49 Emily Foster forces Exiles no 10 towards the sideline
TGhe Exiles no 21 has her eye for the catch on this throw
Lions no 15 Sofia Klair runs in for another touchdown
Lions 33 Afia Law runs into two Exiles defenders
Afia Law is brought to the ground by the Exiles defence
Lions 78 Libby Davoren blocking the Exiles no 77
Sofia Klair with the catch for the Lions
Lions 49 Emily Foster and 84 Celine Bison push the Exiles no 14 out of bounds

Final comment

Although a smaller than planned tournament it was enjoyable for the crowd to watch and they watched some class ball being played. The scores don't really show the amount of effort put in by Kent to make it a watchable tournament.

The next tournament on 11th June is hosted by the Hertfordshire Cheetahs