Premiership Finals day - Cheshire County Sports Club

The finals comprised 4 teams, multi-championship winners Birmingham Lions, Cheshire Bears replaced Manchester at short notice, Leeds Chargers and London Warriors. The day consisted of two semi-finals, a third and fourth place match and the final.

After the first two games, we had Cheshire Bears and Leeds Chargers in the third and 4th place game which Leeds won 52-2.

The final saw the two old protagonists Birmingham Lions and London Warriors facing off against each other. Today it was to be the London Warriors lifting the trophy after a 33-14 victory.

I got to see three of the four games and all the players put it all out there to make it a great day for the families, friends and spectators who came along.

Congratulations to everyone involved on both the playing side and the BAFA team who put it all together, plus whoever fixed good weather for us.

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