Background to the teams

Hope 4 Hearts

Hope 4 Hearts raise funds for Tiny Tickers which is a charity aiming to improve the detection, care and treatment of babies with heart conditions. Tiny Tickers

Sands United

Sands is a charity with the dual role of working to reduce the number of babies dying and providing bereavement support for families. The Sands United football teams around the Country are an extension of this to provide a friendly environment for bereaved dads to get involved in soccer with other bereaved dads and other dads who support the need for the teams.

One of Sands United Solihulls club ambassadors - John Sandford wrote this :-

"What does it mean to play for Sands United Solihull

"Being part of the team means so much to me, it has given me a purpose and a sense of belonging that was previously lacking. There is so much support and understanding from the lads as we are all there for each other. I am always proud to put on my Sands United top, representing my precious son and being part of a big family and band of brothers, where loss is accepted and indeed normal. We all just "get it" and it is so refreshing and comforting to know that this is a safe space to talk, share, support and play football with good friends

" - John Sandford"

Last game of the season

The last game of the season for Sands United Solihull was a charity match against Hope 4 Hearts played at Redditch Borough.

Hope 4 Hearts started out as the better team scoring 3 in the first half. The second half saw a change in fortunes for Sands as they started to get into gear and managed to pull 2 goals back.

A good game to watch though and it was nice to have some spectators to enjoy the game.

The combined Hope 4 Hearts and Sands United Solihull teams