Christmas in July

As July is often the home of “Christmas in July” , I thought an offer to go with it might be appreciated after our time in lockdown. Many people have missed out on proms, graduations and time with their beloved horse.

Normally my base session fee is £299 which includes a 2 hour session , 3-4 clothing variations and a 12″ x 8″ canvas pro, acrylic or metallic wall piece from Graphistudio. Images are viewed either at an in home session or by zoom as appropriate.

Until the end of July 2020 bookings made using the code XMASJULY will be priced at £175. The booking can be for any time in 2020.⁠

The price of the package wall piece will be taken from the order total if you wish to order other items instead.

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Vale and Peggy

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