Competion this year? – Show your Style

Olympic Year

2020 sees the Olympic Games return

Are you competing in any events this year. As this year sees the return of the Olympic Games it seems prudent to include competitors in our session offering.

You have the option of including your competition finery as part of a session combined with casual or dress up outfits to create a collection that tells everyone about you and your or horse. The other option is to do a session devoted just to your competition image. A selection of images set up for dressage, cross country and jumping or whichever genre you compete in. It’s your session, you tell me what you’d like to include.

If you are under 18 get a parent to have a chat with us.


Competing this year- What would your Olympic look be? What a Picture PhotographyGet In Touch

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To read more about the Equestrian Component of this years Olympic Games check out the  Official Page

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