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Equine portraiture at Cricket Hill Farm

Cricket Hill Farm | Gildersome,Leeds | Leeds Equine Portraiture

I have been lucky to get invited back to Cricket Hill Farm which is in the Gildersome area of Leeds about 5 miles from the City Centre by several people to do their equine portrait sessions. It is a very versatile location with a couple of fields to use, an outdoor training area and some good strong fences, gates and warehouse walls to give variety in location. There are some good scenic views as well.

There are actually a couple of facilities on the same road here. I’ve not had the chance to shoot at the Cricket Hill Equestrian centre as of yet but it looks a great place

I normally shoot in the mornings so that our subject is alert and hasn’t had the chance to get too much grass nibbling done.The location will be perfectly suited to an afternoon session and possibly might lend themselves nicely to a session in the late afternoon in autumn when we can catch the golden hour lighting.


I hope you like this small selection. It does show the versatile nature of the area. Cricket Hill really is a favourite of mine but I have noticed other potential settings a little way out of Leeds towards Wetherby so any readers who would like a session in the Leeds are please get in touch with us.

There is also a Warwickshire collection as there are a number of yards in the area which are quite well concealed. I’m very lucky that I live close to the borders of both Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

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