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Dawn and Ian’s Highbury Hall Wedding

Highbury Hall in Birmingham is a great old home formerly a residence of Joseph Chamberlain but nowadays a function venue.

Back in early May, we were there to photograph Dawn and Ian’s wedding day.

The unusual appearance of the sun made for some challenging lighting conditions during the course of the day but it made a great opportunity for guests to make use of the extensive garden.

Whilst Andy went to see the grooms party, the first thing to greet Kev when he went to do the bridal preparation was a cardboard cut out of Idris Elba. I have no idea how tall he is in real life but this one was about 6’2″ tall. Apparently, the story is that he accompanied the hen party on their travels and so was invited to join them for the wedding.

Dawn with Idris Elba by Kings Norton Wedding Photographer

Dawn with her hen party escort, a replica of Idris Elba

The room that the bride gets ready in is huge which given that the bridal party had quite a few members was quite useful. Care was needed if the door to the suite was opened however as the guys were at the other end of the same floor.

Ian did demonstrate a remarkable urge to reach the ceremony room whilst the groom preparation pictures were being done by aiming to fly from the first floor.

Grooms party - Kings Norton Wedding Photographer

Ian considers the express “flying” route to the ceremony

Front view of Dawn n her gown - Kings Norton Wedding Photographer

Front view of Dawn’s wedding gown

Back detail of the wedding gown - Kings Norton Wedding Photographer

back detail of Dawns gown


As we had a bit of room and a few minutes before Dawn’s stepfather came to escort her to the ceremony we had a little fun with the bridal party and turned them into the South Birmingham Paparazzi.

Bridesmaids turn photographers - Kings Norton Wedding Photographer

The “South Birmingham Paparazzi” go to work before the ceremony

The girls plus mom then lined the staircase as Keith escorted Dawn to the ceremony.

Keith escorts Dawn to the ceremony - Kings Norton Wedding Photographer

Keith escorted Dawn to the ceremony

The actual ceremony room was a distinct challenge. The registrar’s table was in front of a full-width window/emergency exit so the curtains have to stay open and the midday sun was merrily shining straight through. Dawn didn’t mention it but it must have been dazzling. Ian and Dawn left the ceremony with a few little dance steps to the old Morecambe and Wise classic, “Bring Me Sunshine”

Dancing down the aisle - Kings Norton Wedding Photographer

Dancing down the aisle, newly married

The good weather made for a pleasant session of formals plus the chance for the bride and groom to catch up with people over a swift glass of bubbly.

The bridal posse - Kings Norton Wedding Photographer

The bridal Posse

first newlyweds shot - Kings Norton Wedding Photographer

The first photo’s as newlyweds

bride catches up with friends and family - Kings Norton Wedding PhotographerCatching up with friends and family - Kings Norton Wedding Photographer


Later in the evening, we had a chance to take Dawn and Ian out into the grounds before the first dance.

first dance - Kings Norton Wedding Photographerfirst dance - Kings Norton Wedding Photographerfirst dance - Kings Norton Wedding PhotographerDawn and Ian on the balcony - Kings Norton Wedding Photographertake that Idris!! - Kings Norton Wedding PhotographerDawn, Ian and Luke - Kings Norton Wedding Photographerbride and groom - Kings Norton Wedding PhotographerBride and groom with Highbury Hall - Kings Norton Wedding Photographer


Florist: Barlows Blooms Redditch Road

Dress Supplier: Wed2b, Shirley

DJ: Chris Cassidy


Thanks to all of the Highbury Hall staff for their help during the day.

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