Equine portrait session with Louise and Dolly

An equine portrait session that we did recently

Long overdue for some writing I feel.

I did a session recently with Louise and her horse Dolly at Dolly’s home yard near Henley in Arden. A great location with opportunities in the fields, the yard itself, woodland and paths. What’s not to like about that.

We had a couple of false starts with changing dates due to our spring monsoons which is not good for an equine portrait session.



Louise and her horse dolly at their equine portrait sessionAs always the plan was to use 3 different changes of clothes to add a bit of variety to the session.

I think secretly Dolly was enjoying the attention.Out in the fields during their equine portrait session, Louise and Dolly with Birmingham Equine Photography We have plenty of places to walk to in the great place that Dolly lives. In a compact area, we had some wooded areas to get in the shade, fields and various hard standing areas which we made good use of. The image below was from the top field looking out over the Warwickshire countryside.close friends - Dolly and Louise by Birmingham Equine Photography at an equine portrait sessionLouise is not a great fan of having her photo taken which I can understand as I’m the same but I did get the odd smile in and as you can see it suits her when she does.time for a smile, Louise during our sessionlook through any window - Dolly looks out at Louise and the What a Picture teamsurveying my domain - Dolly checking out the neighbourhoodDolly was a delight to work with and even put in her little party piece of getting up on her hind legs. She does seem to enjoy showing off just a little.

look what I can do - Dolly shows off for the camerain the fields with Solihull Equine PhotographyLouise and Dolly in the woods by What a Picture PhotographyWjat a Picture Photography equine session at Dolly's home yardBirmingham equine photography horse and rider session in Henley in Arden

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