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First Look

First Look is a term that you may not be aware of in relation to UK weddings. It is a variation that is popular in many parts of the USA and is beginning to cross to the UK.

In a regular wedding, the first time that the groom sees his bride to be is when she walks down the aisle to meet him. With a first look, this occurs at a suitable location elsewhere. It can be a reveal, or one of the couple can quietly walk up beside their partner. This allows the photographer to capture their emotion in that first contact without any obstruction. The first look can occur in private or the bridal party can be suitably hidden and join the bride and groom once they have seen each other.

Many of these events in the USA even have the family portraits taken before the ceremony as well. Sometimes this takes place at the location sometimes in a studio area set aside at the venue.

Pro’s and Con’s

For many traditional brides, this creates some issues as they don’t want to see their husband to be until they stand before the officiant.

Brides who wish to be less formal can achieve some advantages. As an example, with a first look, your dress and makeup areKings Norton Wedding Photorapher first look still pristine so that you look your best. Many of your group photographs could be done before the ceremony if sufficient time is allowed. Your images involving non-immediate family will be taken after the ceremony along with that all important confetti shot. You also get more time to spend with your guests.

The cons to this development for bride and groom is that they need to get their preparation done a couple of hours earlier.For a morning wedding, this could involve an early start and added expense for hair and makeup. The timeline needs to be carefully crafted for photographs so that none of those that the bride and groom deem essential get missed out.Things don’t flow in the same way on a first look as they would usually.

Let us know your thoughts on this. Which would you choose in the future or if you had your wedding day over again?

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