Horse portraiture, Jenna with Justice and Esme in an autumn shoot

Our last horse portraiture session of the season.

For the last horse portraiture session of this group, I travelled up to Leeds to meet Jenna and her two horses Justice and Esme.

Once again the sun smiles on me to put a bit of sparkle into the autumn foliage and, of course, giving me one or two challenges to work out.


Jenna and EsmeEsme standing proud in the sunshineThe yard is quite spacious but the top field, which I had used before to give good landscape shots over the local area, was closed off. This keeps the grass in good condition. I found a few things for Jenna to sit on to vary things somewhat.

Esme and Jenna Horse Portraiture

Jenna and Esme at a horse portraiture sessionAutumn colours

The object of this particular session was to try and get some autumn colours into a horse portraiture shoot. Mother nature in her wisdom had granted us 3 weeks of rain beforehand so the best was fading when we finally got together. This shot gives an idea of what I was looking to achieve
equine portraits in the autumn
Justice looking for treats in his horse portraiture sessionwapphotography horse portraiture

We had a great session with the two horses. The links below are for another blog post and also a link to the equine portraiture page.

These sessions are a great chance to have some portraits with your horse around a familiar location and be able to keep those memories for a lifetime.

Writing this in January 2020 the best photo season will soon be upon us so consider whether something like this is for you. Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays are usually the best days to get a date with some weekends available.

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