How does an equine session work.

Louise and Dolly in the woods by What a Picture Photography


A few people have asked me lately to go through an average equine session to give them an idea of what it entails.

Initial discussions

At a convenient point prior to the session I will have a phone discussion with you about your session. I like to know about your horse, their temperament and if they are allergic to Polos! I like to know what you and your horse do together, do you just do some weekend hacking, do you compete in one or more of the eventing disciplines. We also need to talk about outfits for the day. I want you to be comfortable so think about what you would prefer to wear. Bring 4-5 outfits and we’ll pick 3 together. I know some of you would love to go down the lines of nice dresses and suits, others are more like me and polo and jeans are the way to go. Your choice entirely. Have a think about where we’re doing the equine session, I’ve been to all sorts of yards. Some just have fields and fences, some have nice texture rusting steel sheds that we can use as a backdrop. I always hope for somewhere with a friendly heritage building that we can do landscapes with you and the horse as part of an art piece. One day I hope. 


Equine Session Day

The first job of the day is a quick walk around the location to pick out some likely prospects and discuss which of the outfits that you have brought go with which location. Then, of course, it’s time for your horse to meet me and get used to having me there. Some horses have been really fun to work with in the past. I wish we had a second shooter for one where a big ex-racehorse decided to pop his head over my shoulder whilst I was showing some images to his owner. I think he approved. It’s best to have neutral coloured tack. Bright colours can distract from the overall image. For most equine sessions the ubiquitous polo is my treat if the horse plays ball for me.

Once we’re comfortable I’ll get you to go and get changed into the first outfit and we can get started on making some great memories. I will guide you in posing yourself with your horse so that we can create several images without moving. I appreciate that sometimes your horse will have other ideas and might just fancy that nice bit of grace by the side of them. We work as the horse wants to go. Clothing changes also give the horse a chance for a break and something to eat. The last thing I want is for the horse to get fretfull because they are bored.

Imogen and Nia - Equine portraiture by What a Picture Photography

Viewing Session

Before I leave you I’ll arrange, if your diary permits, an in-person viewing session at your home to choose your favourite images from your equine session and discuss the best way for you to display them. At the minimum, you will have booked a session with a 16-inch frame and so we need to look at which of your favourites would look great on the wall. I use quality professional labs to produce your products as I want them to be something you can pass on to the next generation of horse lovers. I’ll arrange the appointment to give me time to edit the images and get the best out of them.


To see some of the products we can give you have a look at our Equine Portrait Sessions page 


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