Can repairs be done on damaged images?

Image repairs? Last week saw Andrew being contacted by one of our former clients Lyn and Steve(woody). They had a query about a photographic print that they have.

Sadly Steve lost his dad this year and his mom had a damaged 50-year-old wedding photo. The print had suffered some considerable damage, tears etc.

As we had photographed their wedding they turned to Andrew for help in trying to restore the photograph.

Well, Andrew always likes a challenge (he looks after the more intricate artefact removal from some of our images ). Of course, he said yes, he collected the battered image from Lyn last week.

This image is a scan of the original that Andrew was given.

original wedding photo for repairs


It was badly damaged with a full length tear down the middle of the image and various tears elsewhere on the picture. Andrew did explain to Lyn that this was not an easy job as there was sticky tape holding the picture together running all the way down the front.  It might be that it would take some time to carry out repairs.

Andrew’s 1st job was to use a high-resolution scanner to input the image into his workstation, then into our editing software.

Andrew went to work on this image, carefully repairing the tears and realigning the image down the centre digitally. Also carrying out some sympathetic touching up over the whole picture. He didn’t lose the age and feel of the original image. Some of the cracks would not have been repairable as there was a lack of original texture left to select from. It does give it a period feel though.

Well after several large cups of coffee and a half pack of his favourite biscuits he had completed repairs on the image.

Final Result

finished image after repairs

We printed this new photo on a dye sublimation printer, which made the image look even better than on my 5k iMac screen and slotted it into a  mount before returning both photos’ back to Steve and Lyn

Andrew has said how much pleasure he got from taking on this challenge and hopefully Steve’s Mom will be happy to have this photo as a lasting memory of her much loved husband.

We hope that this shows that you should never say never when it comes to repairing dilapidated family heirlooms. No-one can guarantee success but always worth trying.

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