Look after yourselves my friends

I’ve seen lots of posts on social media from friends and colleagues who are already going crazy after a few days of being on restricted movements.

When was the last time that you dug out the old family albums? If you have followed the advice of the photography community over the years you should have some prints of your best images. Why not have a family photo viewing session, moms and dads can have great fun reminding their children how cute they used to look!!

If you’re a couple put the music on sit down with your favourite tipple and revisit all the good times that you have images of.

Be positive, there will be holidays and events once again and we will come out of this. Don’t forget to keep in touch with friends and relatives by the electronic means we have now, facetime, facebook live, zoom video. You can still show all your great family images

I’ve put a few images below from the archives of the different genre’s for you to look at.

Keep safe and I look forward to speaking with some of you when we can get out to play once again.

Jenna and EsmeEsme standing proud in the sunshineprotecting the ballmaking a run for itautumn colours with Vale and PeggyPeggy is always up for a treat in this Leicstershire equine portraiture session

Gameday volunteer staff

The game day management team at the 2019 Womens European Championship at John Charles Stadium Leeds.

MVP Sweden V AustriaMVP GB V FinlandMVP GB V AustriaMVP Sweden V FinlandMVP GB V SwedenMVP's Austria V FinlandOut in the fields, Louise and Dolly with Birmingham Equine Photographylook through any window - Dolly looks out at Louise and the What a Picture team2019 BUCS Premier div championship - Leeds Beckett Carnegie V Hertfordshire HurricanesSian, Isobel and Imogen wooton wawen equine portrait sessionKatie and Bert equine portrait session, Wooton Wawen with Kevin Cleaverequine menu linkThe happy couple brave the frosty evening at the Gainsborough House Hotel in Kidderminsterthe crewthe crewthe crew

the crew


RNLI Tractor, guiding the driver round the course

the driver is guided around the course by handsignals

Frank and Kerri in an equine portrait in Yorkshire. What a Picture PhotographyKerri and Frank with What a Picture Photography in Yorkshire - equine portraitPhil and Claire's pre-wedding session at Chesterton Windmill Birmingham Wedding Photographer What a Picture PhotographyLydia-Constance-equine-portraitShannon launch off the SLARS - vWhat a Picture Photographytake that Idris!! - Kings Norton Wedding Photographerolympians combine 180kg squat for charlieolympians combine - deadliftCarlton Towers wedding workshopequine portraiture in the sun by What a Picture photography

auditioning for the follies


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