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Protect your photographs. I know that we have been here before with this discussion but it is time for a reminder I think.

I Heard a story the other day about someone whose mobile phone fell into the toilet and several years worth of images were lost.

Many of you now keep the entire record of your social life on the phone. Much of it, facebook, Instagram can be recovered onto a new device easily enough.

Images are a different thing entirely. The onus is on you to protect them.

Mobile Device Photographs

How many of you back up your iPhone, windows or android device on a regular basis. I forget I must admit unless I’m updating or changing the phone. In my defense I don’t keep much on my phone.

There are several ways to back up your digital memories. ICLOUD, Google Drive and dropbox are all good places to back up to, the basic packages are free so there is no excuse. Make a note in your diary for a set day every week to back up. For the regular party goers and clubbers, first thing Sunday morning is ideal. Do the same if you have a small digital camera. Back up to a computer and the cloud if you can.

Make sure that you are the not the one having to chase round friends to get copies of photographs from that special get together or night out. It’s not the sexiest thing to be doing but memories are so important.

Printed Photographs and Albums

Prints and albums need love and attention as well. Keep them out of bright lights / sunlight. Prints in boxes preferably. Make use of those little sachets of silica gel that come with, well,  almost everything. Put some in the boxes with your prints but keep them where babies and young children can’t get at them as the packets aren’t the strongest.

Keep your albums in a box in the dark when not showing them off. They will last for decades if carefully looked after

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