Restarting the business

Coming out of the darkness

Hi everyone, restarting, a daunting possibility as, like many of you,  I’ve been confined to home for the last 3 months whilst we wait for COVID to fade a little.

I’m informed that the photography business should be able to start working again from mid June.

Do I suggest that people go out and get some photographs taken straight away? Of course not. We are going to have to take things a little bit at at a time until we’re ready. Many of you I know think it is still too early to come out of lockdown. Some families will be ready to have photographs taken using the existing safe working methods of social distancing.

Please believe me when I say that I’m paranoid about protecting my health as are most other folks and not having been out it’s going to be a little nerve wracking.

What we can do of course is start planning. My view to start out will be to carry out sessions where we’ve got plenty of space, yards where just the rider, the horse and I can have the run of the location or families with stables on their property. I’m happy with social distancing that way and you’ll still be able to hear me give instructions.

I’m sure some of your little ones would be interested in having photographs with their ponies but I think restarting that may be a few weeks once the official school holidays start if things are still improving.

Have a think about the location that you would like for a session on your outings and see what is special about it. Do you have tree stumps to sit on, trees that can be leant against etc or any other special areas that you would like to include. Make a note of them whilst you remember for later use.

Imogen and Nia in the River Alne which runs through Field Farm

Wall Art Samples

Whilst I’ve been confined to the house I arranged for some easily portable samples ready for restarting that I can bring to viewings. Once the Graphistudio production facility reopened this was done. They are the shelf / desk size but I can supply up to large wall pieces.

What did I get? There are four types. shown below. The box mounts would be great to have on your work desk wouldn’t they?

have a look at The Graphistudio Web Site

1. The Amalfi panel. This item has more limited sizing than the other products. The sample that you can see here is ideal for displaying as part of a triplet for instance. I chose an aluminium core with fabric cover and the photograph printed on HD paper with an Amalfi paper mat. The piece is 6mm thick

a small amalfi panel

2. The acrylic. A 3mm acrylic photograph on a 3 or 6mm thick wooden box with hanging fittings in the backboard. This size would be a great desk piece but the big wall versions also look grand.

The acrylic print. This is a mantlepiece size

3. The pro canvas. A top quality canvas mounted on a 3 or 6 cm thick box with hangers built in. The image depicts a desk size piece.

shelf size pro-canvas

4. Last but not least is the metallic print. These are available as a print on aluminium, with a light frame or, as here, a box mount suitable for the desk.

A shelf size metallic print. Pictures dont do it justice

Just to finish

Although we do have a mailing list that you can sign up to I had also thought of creating a facebook group for us to chat on. As we are effectively restarting from scratch I’d like your opinion on doing that please. Drop me a message on our facebook page and let me know what you think. If readers think it’s a good idea I’ll set it up. Please feel free to sign up to the mailing list as well of course.

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