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Solihull Wedding Photographer at Avrils Regency Hotel Wedding emergency services discount and military discount available

Avril making use of the private garden at the Regency Hotel

Services Discount

Services discount – As many of you know Kevin used to work within the emergency services.

We are offering a 10% discount off your collections This can be one of our pre-written ones or a bespoke collection that we have planned out together.

This applies to emergency service workers and members of the armed forces. The only requirement is to hold the blue light card or Defence discount card. 

Blue Light Card

Defence Discount card

If you are in these services discount schemes just log in to find the details to claim the offer. If you aren’t a cardholder why not there are plenty of useful discounts on there for you and the best bit is it’s free to join.

As an example on our lowest priced collection you would save  £99.50 going up to £229.50 on our most comprehensive collection.

Give us a call to chat about it on 0121 663 0442 or click the button on the weddings page to book a morning phone call.


Whilst we are discussing money saving measures can I please repeat something we often say when meeting people. Please, please, please get wedding insurance cover for your special day.

We always think that nothing can go wrong, don’t we?

Consider this, the night before your wedding the Hotel is shut down by a power cut, gas leak etc. The  Hotel would probably refund you or rebook. Other vendors such as florists, cake suppliers etc may not be able to do that.  This could leave you considerably out of pocket

When you look at the cost of the premium against the cost of a cancellation it makes sense.

Good luck with your wedding planning and have a great wedding day when it comes around.

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