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Solihull Wedding

We recently had the opportunity to photograph Avril and Paul’s Solihull wedding at the Regency Hotel on the Stratford Road near Shirley.

Avril was a really bubbly bride and her sisters Nina and Naomi were of a similar nature. It had all the makings of a fun day.

3 sisters party before the ceremony at Regency Hotel Solihull- What a Picture Photography

3 sisters party before the ceremony

Avril’s dress was fastened by a plethora of tiny buttons on the back with a loop that went over them. ( Sorry ladies I don’t know the proper dressmaker’s terms for such things) Her mother and her stylist displayed amazing talents with a crochet hook to get them all quickly fastened. Avril’s glass remained upright despite the frenetic work behind her and she didn’t spill a drop.

Flying fingers fasten the dress. Wedding day at Regency Hotel

Expert hands fasten the dress. Avril doesn’t spill a drop.

Doing up the dress with a crochet hook.

Flying fingers with the crochet hook

Nina and Naomi ready for the wedding, solihull wedding photographer at Regency Hotel


Avril's hair decoration - Regency Hotel Wedding

Avril’s hair decoration

Dad sees daughter for the first time in her dress before the wedding

Dad sees Avril in her dress for the first time

Whilst we were upstairs Andy was downstairs with Paul, using Morrissey’s bar, which was to be the reception room, as a location. Morrissey’s has a bit of an American feel to it and is great for a smaller gathering.

Grooms Party in Morrissey's bar at the Regency hotel.

Three cokes please. Waiting at the bar before the wedding

straightening the grooms buttonhole

Straightening the buttonhole

Next, it was on to the ceremony. We like the room at the Regency Hotel as it gives us a bit of ability to move without disturbing anyone. As always with a Solihull Wedding, the Registrars were very helpful to us allowing free rein so long as we didn’t disturb the solemnity of the occasion.

The ceremony begins at Regency Hotel

Solihull wedding - Paul is Given his ring- Regency Hotel

Paul is given his ring

Avril receiving her ring - wedding photography in solihull

Big smiles as Avril gets her ring

Avril receives her ring. What a Picture Photography at Regency Hotel

Avril receives her ring

first kiss

First Kiss

He's mine now - Birmingham Wedding Photographer


signing the register at Regency Hotel with Solihull Wedding Photographer

The legal part of the day

a quick kiss during the register signing. Regency hotel Solihull

A slight diversion from the signing of the register

Some of the looks from Avril during the ceremony were great, it was very much,  “he’s mine now”.

We took everyone outside for the formals and mother nature played ball with the lighting for us.

Kissing in the garden of the Regency Hotel during the wedding photography

In case you missed the first kiss – here it is again

Avril and Paul gaze at each other in the garden - Regency Hotel wedding with Solihull Wedding Photographer

Avril and Paul gazing at each other

Avril and Paul take a moment in the garden of the Regency

Avril’s loving the just married time.

all by myself - Solihull Wedding Photography at the Regency Hotel

All by myself

The rings


Hide and seek with the wedding dress in the garden of the Regency Hotel

Hide and seek with the dress

During the gap between the ceremony and the reception, it was great to see the changing colours as the sun set quite early in the autumn sky.

And Skyler makes three Solihull wedding photography by What a Picture photography

And Skyler makes three – family time

Avril in the fading light at Regency Hotel Wedding with What a Picture Photography


Happy guests at the Regency Hotel, Wedding Photography by Birmingham Wedding Photographer

Happy Guests

The first dance was a nice change from the frequently encountered “turning round slowly dance” as I once heard it described. It is a somewhat compact dance floor so it worked well.

First dance, wedding photography at Regency Hotel Solihull

First dance time

Getting their groove on at Regency Hotel Solihull

Getting their groove on

First dance at Regency Hotel Birmingham wedding photographer

Shall we dance?

Rocking the dress- Avril at the Regency Hotel Solihull

Avril Rocking the dress

We finished off the evening at this Solihull Wedding with some sparklers outside. I don’t know about you but I’m sure that when I was child sparklers did sparkle and I used to feel the sparks hitting my hand. Today it’s more like a damp squib. Please leave a comment about your experience with them.

Reception Dressing, flowers and DJ by LRS Productions

Dress by Your Wedding Shop

Venue Regency Hotel, Solihull

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