Your Christmas pictures – and how not to lose them

The Christmas holiday is almost upon us once again. Many of you will be taking pictures of your children opening their presents. Some of you will be using a phone camera, some a point and shoot and others again will be using a larger single lens reflex camera.

Remembering back to my childhood we had to wait a couple of weeks to see the pictures when they came back from the lab, usually via the local chemist. Nowadays we get to see them right now, great isn’t it.  There is one particular problem though. The majority of people keep their images on the phone or memory card, what happens if the phone breaks or the phone/camera is lost. You lose all of those cherished images leaving you just with memories.

How do we get round this you ask. There are a couple of things that we can do.

1. Back up your phone/tablet/memory card to your computer on a regular basis.

2. Back up your device to a portable drive – preferably a solid state drive as they are less likely to die on you.

3. Back up to the cloud (flikr/ICloud or one of the pay sites such as Zenfolio or Smugmug)- probably much safer than the other options.

4. Pick your best family shots and get them printed or get a little coffee table book made up. Frames of pictures on the wall are a constant reminder of all the good times that you have had with the family and Great Aunt Mabel always likes to see them.

Finally – get yourself in the picture. Use a tripod on a camera with the self timer so that you can run round and join in the fun.


From Andrew, Kathleen and Kevin at What a Picture Photography Ltd have a great Christmas and New Year

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