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Changes to USB on the way

We have mentioned to many people in conversation about the future of image storage. What comes next?

USB has been a fairly stable medium for a while now although even the best memory chips can fail which is why we go on at you about backing up your images to cloud storage or hard drives. If you don’t already put a weekly reminder in the diary to do it.

Change has caught up with us again. A new form of USB called USB-C is rolling out and some computers already ship with USB-C connectors only. It looks a bit like a thicker oval mobile phone charging socket. Whilst it is unlikely to render traditional USB obsolete overnight it will be appearing rapidly as it’s faster than USB3 which is a good thing for transferring data to and from devices.

Until we all catch up it will be a case of buying adaptors or docking stations to fit our existing devices.

Just a heads up for the future.


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