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Weddings in adverse weather

Hi everyone – Kev here again – today we’re talking adverse weather.

As I write this we have the snow falling again. I’m guessing brides around the Country will be stressing about now. Am I going to get all the photographs I wanted?

Good news ladies it’s not difficult to achieve. So what do we do? Let’s start months before when you book your photographer.

People will always give you load of things to ask photographers, dealing with weather isn’t usually one of them. Whether your initial consult is in person, by phone or by skype or similar ask what the photographers adverse weather protocol is. They should be able to tell you straight away.

How do we fix the problem

a) Research your venue or church and venue to see what options we have for adverse weather to find indoor locations to get your group pictures, check out buildings that might keep some of the weather off. Where can we go with umbrellas to keep you dry.

b) Ask you if you are ok to run in and out of the weather when we have set up each shot – you might get slightly damp

c) Carry powerful lighting to be able to deal with an indoor location for your images where we can still make it look good.

What comes next

If you then went on to book with us we will either have worked at your venue before and will know everything we need or we will arrange a site visit to check out our options.

On the wedding day we play the weather by ear and dynamically assess it for what to do at each part of the day. We did a reception at a golf course hotel where as soon as we got there from the church the worlds biggest monsoon came down. Things did not look good. We did the groups indoors and then later on in the evening we got a break for a few minutes from the rain. We grabbed the bridge and groom and shot outside to do some couples portraits in the grounds.

Flexibility by everyone is the key. Your photographers, co-ordinators and venue staff want you to have the day that you planned. Timings may need to be changed ( except do not upset the chef by being late for your meal – everything else should be flexible)

Hopefully this gives you a little insight into the things we look for to make you a happy couple. The images are from a wedding we did where we had falling snow for several days and another 12 inches of snow on the wedding day. The bride and groom were up for getting out in it.

Until the next time.



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Kings Norton Wedding Photographer - Emma and John out in the snow after the ceremony

Emma and John whilst being confetti’d in the snow

Kings Norton Wedding Photography Emma and John having their portraits done in the snow

Emma and John couples session during a snow storm

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