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Your equine portrait session

Maria and Dazzle - Earleswood equine portraiture session. West Midlands Equine Portraiture

The plan for your equine portrait session 

Poppy and Pebbles equine portrait session

Your portrait session normally lasts 1- 2 1/2 hours. This is a little flexible either way to allow us to get the best from the session in case, for example we need to give the horse a little breather or to let you warm up if it’s cold. We can include more than one horse in the session.

After booking I’ll send you a form to give me some more information about yourself and your horse. This gives me a base for our pre shoot discussion about a week prior to the session.

During the pre shoot call you and I choose a location familiar to your horse so that the horse is comfortable in its surroundings. To help with this next time you are at the yard with your horse or out and about take a look around you and think about the potential for location images with the two of you. Trees, solid fences and gates all give something unique to your horses home

Things to consider at the planning stage. What are the great points about where your horse lives that we can use?

What is the time of year that the location looks its best. I like to use your local knowledge.

How do you view your clothing style ? Let’s look at that more in the next section.



Usually, 3 changes of clothes are a good look. Bring 4 or 5 varied outfits and we can discuss which are  the best ones to choose for the session.

Are you a fun clothing, smart casual or dress up person or prefer a more laid back Country Style? Try them all at your session. I try and go for a casual, smart and glad rags look in your chosen style and get you to be different for your session to how your friends at the yard see you. Do you want to knock ’em dead with a prom dress, ball-grown or even your wedding dress? For the guys super sharp casual or the full on tux? 

A couple of suggestions that you might wish to consider. If you compete for example you might wish to have some photographs of you and your horse in your competition gear. Another option might be if you are doing an outfit in your going out clothes fit in a little time at the end for some shot of yourself dressed up. These are great for prints for parents at Christmas or birthdays.

Day of the session

When I meet up with you, the first thing to do is take a walk around the location that we’ll be using so that I can take a look at useful items to include in the pictures, see where the light falls best and get your feel on the location and which order to visit the chosen locations.

No doubt you’ll already have prepared your horse and got head collar and bridle sorted out. Simple dark coloured headcollar / lead rope works best.

Leave changing into your first outfit until we’ve done the walk around, I’d hate you to get messed up whilst we’re doing this.

I’ll give you guidance as we go on how to position yourself and your horse to get the best from each location that we use as we progress.

For sessions involving under 17’s, I do require the presence of a supervising adult for safeguarding purposes as my policy is to never be alone with a young person. As we all know the British weather can be fickle. If the weather isn’t suitable to give you the best experience I will reschedule with you for a better opportunity. I can work in wet weather but it’s no fun for you or your horse when you would rather be in the warm. The week before the session I will arrange a backup date in case we need to use it then we know in advance that we will both be free.


Viewing your pictures

Following the session, I will arrange an ordering session with you for you to pick your favourites and discuss your needs for your order. I prefer to have a face to face look at the images with you but a zoom meeting can be arranged if we are some distance apart or COVID precautions dictate .Being choosy I only use quality companies to provide your products. I want you to be able to trust me and my top of the range suppliers to give you products to be proud of that you will be proud to look through or hang on your wall.


I put great store in printed items.

Print is something that you can touch and, if well cared for, can last a lifetime.

If you would like to talk about a session, either fill in the  CONTACT FORM or  E-MAIL  us 

What will it cost

Our session fee is £110 which covers :-

  • a 2 hour photo session
  • pre session consultation
  • travel up to 50 mile radius of Birmingham
  • editing of the images
  • 18″ x 12″ print of your choice
  • viewing session to select the included image and any other products that you would like to order. 
Yard Sessions are available for 2 or more sessions together at £50 per person for a one hour session inclusive of an 18″ x 12″ print. Great for helping each other out with horse handling whilst getting changed etc




Individual lustre finish prints

  • 9″ x 6″              £15
  • 12″ x 8″            £30
  • 12″ x 18″          £50

Digital Images

5 images  – £100

10 Images – £200

15 Images – £250

20 Images – £300



  •  20 Page 12″ x 8″ equine book in matching box.    £320
  •  30 page 12″ x 8″ equine book in matching box.    £470

  • Favola japanese bound 10 page Amalfi paper and leather£370   20 page £410
  • Favola lay flat 20 page £740 Amalfi paper and leather

Wall Art

  •  12″ acrylic / metallic / pro canvas with 3 or 6 cm deep carcass            £210
  •  18″ acrylic / metallic / pro canvas with 3 or 6 cm deep carcass            £350
  •  24″ acryllic / metallic / pro canvas with 3 or 6 cm deep carcass.          £510
  • 16.7″ x 13″ Amalfi panel (10.8″ x 7.1″ print).                                    £180
  • 33.1″ x 25″ Amalfi panel (24″ x 15.9″ print)                                      £445
  • 45.1″ x 32.9″ Amalfi panel (36.1″ x 23.9″ print)                                 £855
  • 16″ x 60″ wall installation – a 5 image panel acrylic pro/pro canvas/metallic       £995
  • 40″ x 40″ wall installation – a 4 image composite acrylic / pro canvas / metallic  £1550
  • 50″ x 37″ wall installation – 4 individual panels acrylic / pro canvas / metallic    £2195

Our primary supplier of albums and wall art products is Graphistudio in Italy. 

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